MID-FL-ROC Lake,Sumter,and North Orange Counties 
Frank Deopere Director                  John Veach, Director
217 971-7710                                 863 697-9660
Frank@mid-fl-roc.com                     John@mid-fl-roc.com

Jo-Ann Joslyn, Secretary                    Betsy Barbieux, Director
352 551-5212                                   352 326-8365
Jo-Ann@mid-fl-roc.com                     Betsy@floridacamschools.com                            

Carol Flint, Treasurer                     Mark Shaw, President
315 573-5144                                    352 459-3010

Richard Twort, Director                   Ellie Fricker, Vice President
386 760-7140 FL land line                    352 250-1960
989 728-6572 MI land line                 Ellie@mid-fl-roc.com 

Louise Horgan, Director
352 613-7567
Louise@mid-fl-roc.com                           rev 8-29-2019


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